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Southampton University Students' Union Backstage Society


The schedule for the 2012/2013 training programme. The majority of the sessions will he held in The Annex (B2a).

Session Date / Time Location Details
Health & Safety Wednesday 10th October 6.00pm Annex H (B2a) Union-run H&S session. Attendance is compulsory; without completing this session you will not be able to work on any shows this year! Followed by the freshers bowling social!
How To Crew A Show In H Saturday 13th October 12pm Annex H & J A run down of how we crew shows in our regular venue, Arts H (The Annex).
Basic Lighting Wednesday 17th October 6pm Annex H The basics of lighting a show in the Annex, from what lanterns we own to how to begin your own lighting design [theory & practical].
Video Saturday 20th October 12pm Annex H An overview of how we do video. Covering full cyc projection, live video capture, cueing software and more [theory & practical].
Basic Sound Wednesday 24th October 6pm Annex H Theatrical sound in the Annex, our equipment, sound effects and how to use the mixing desk [theory & practical].
Stage Management Wednesday 31st October 6pm Nuff L/T A All you need to know to begin your career as a Stage Manager [theory only]
Power Wednesday 14th November 6pm Annex H Everything you need to know to be a 'Sparky': converting between power, the power requirements of different equipment, 3 phase and more...
Advanced Sound Saturday 17th November 1pm Clubs and Socs Another more advanced session for everyone including working digital consoles and radio mics.
Advanced Lighting Saturday 1st December Annex H A more advanced session for everyone, including how to work with moving lights and busking a live show.

This information is subject to change, so please check back regularly.

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