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Date:Wednesday 3rd March 2021
Location:The StageSoc discord Server
Description:This week we are going to try something a bit different! On Wednesday 3rd March set up your canvas and easel for some painting with Bob Ross. We will be following along with his tutorial for ‘Valley View’ which can be found on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pw5ETGiiBRg . You will need: a canvas or some paper paints (he tends to use oils but you can get away with acrylics/cheaper paints) a selection of brushes (Bob uses a larger blending brush and a fan brush) palette/something to put the paints on (optional - a palette knife, also used to apply paint) If you don’t want to find paints etc., why not follow along in Microsoft Paint or another drawing software? Could be a laugh The colours used in this painting are: Titanium white Phthalo blue - dark blue Prussian blue - bright blue Midnight black Dark sienna - dark red brown Van dyke brown - earth brown Alizarin crimson - dark red Sap green Cadmium yellow - bright yellow Yellow ochre - brown yellow Indian yellow - orange yellow Bright red Most beginner sets of paints online will contain most of these colours (or similar) and not cost too much - have a look at shops like The Works and Hobbycraft. Sainsbury’s sell a good cheap selection of brushes! A4 should be fine for the paper or canvas - if you do want a canvas, they’re being sold in Poundland for £1. This event will be hosted over discord link to join https://discord.gg/XEA8MAc5Ae
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