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Shows :: Cabarannex

A production by Showstoppers 

Performance Dates

5th November 2022 19:30


The Annex (Arts H) 

Additional Dates

Get-in:30th October 2022 11:00
Technical Rehearsal:31st October 2022 18:00
Technical Rehearsal:3rd November 2022 18:00
Technical Rehearsal:4th November 2022 18:00

Production Team

Technical Directors: J Ainsworth 
Alice Christian-Edwards 
Jonathan Ferguson 

Technical Crew

Sound Mentors: Jonathan Ferguson 
James Turner 
Sound: Matthew Davis 
Simon Ruddock 
Lighting Mentors: J Ainsworth 
Alice Christian-Edwards 
Lighting: Oscar Joskey Martin 
Matthew Kohler 
Zhao Chuen Leong 
cerys m 
Matthew O'Boyle 
Silas P V Champagne 
Tommy Poll 
Gray Wood 

A Showstoppers Cabaret - but in the Annex! A show run as a training exercise, getting lots of freshers involved with lighting and sound design.


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