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Shows :: September 24 Hour Show

A production by Showstoppers 

Performance Dates

24th September 2022 17:00
24th September 2022 20:00


The Annex (Arts H) 

Additional Dates

Dress Rehearsal:24th September 2022 13:00

Production Team

Technical Director: Jonathan Ferguson 
Assistant Technical Director: Taryn Wilson 

Technical Crew

Sound Designer: Emily Rowlands 
Lighting Designers: J Ainsworth 
Alice Christian-Edwards 
Set Designer: Jonathan Ferguson 
Stage Manager: Taryn Wilson 
Stage Crew: Steph Wong 
General Crew: J Ainsworth 
Zhao Chuen Leong 

At 4pm on Friday 23rd September, the cast, crew and band will find out what the show is, and then have 24 hours to rehearse and prepare it before performing it twice for charity in front of a paying audience!


Gallery Albums

Showstoppers 24: High School Musical 2