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Shows :: 24 Hour Musical 2007

A production by Showstoppers 

Performance Dates

10th June 2007 17:00
10th June 2007 19:30


The Annex (Arts H) 


Production Team

Director: Sarah Birchall
Producer: Dan Farrell

Technical Crew

Sound: Rob Jones 
Emily Lewis 
Lighting: Phil Basford 
Chris Knight 
Luke Lowrey 
Clayton Peters 
Jamie Robinson 
Stage Manager: Sam Baker 
Set Construction: Sam Baker 
Liz Hawkins 
Lizi Moorcraft 
Simon Protheroe 
Jamie Robinson 
Carly Summers 
Stage Crew: Sam Baker 
Andy Gaught 
Liz Hawkins 
Carly Summers 
Costume: Lizi Moorcraft 
Transport: Lizi Moorcraft 
General Crew: Jon Cheesewright 
Michael George 


You can see what happens during a 24hr musical, by downloading the timelapse that is available here (Warning: This file is 58.2mb!). This video was produced by taking one photo from two IP cameras set up in the box and on the lecturn in Arts H once every 10 seconds for about 29 hours (includes the two performances and the get out).