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Southampton University Students' Union Backstage Society

Shows :: 1984

A production by Theatre Group 

Performance Dates

18th March 2015 19:30
19th March 2015 19:30
20th March 2015 19:30
21st March 2015 19:30


The Annex (Arts H) 


Production Team

Technical Directors: Edmund King 
Generally in charge of a lot of things: Oliver Trojak 
Technical Directors: David Young 
Director: Ruth Endersby 
Producer: David Schult 

Technical Crew

Sound Designer: Toby Isaacs 
Sound Operators: Cameron Ridgway 
David Young 
Lighting Designer: Corin Chaplin 
Lighting Operator: Josh Curry 
Stage Manager: Claudia Ashken 
Stage Crew: Phoebe Lewis 
Video Designers: Kajusz Dykiel 
James Prance 
General Crew: Laurie Kirkcaldy