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Shows :: Hound of the Baskervilles

A production by Theatre Group 

Performance Dates

30th October 2019 19:30
31st October 2019 19:30
1st November 2019 19:30
2nd November 2019 19:30


The Annex (Arts H) 

Additional Dates

Get-in:27th October 2019 10:00
Technical Rehearsal:28th October 2019 18:00
Dress Rehearsal:29th October 2019 19:30
Get-out:2nd November 2019 22:00

Production Team

Technical Director: Emily Rowlands 

Technical Crew

Sound Designers: Laurie Kirkcaldy 
Oliver Trojak 
Sound: Bianka Tarbay 
Lighting Designers: Chris Gotts 
John Hawk 
Lighting Operators: J Ainsworth 
Sophia Wright 
Lighting: Alex Morgan 
Stage Crew: Kit Grange 
Alexandra Willmott 
Props: Joshua Perriman 
General Crew: Jason Garde 
Special Thanks: Isaac Treuherz